What is it about chameleons???


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Geeez, I have had cat, dog , iguana, birds.... But man nothing holds up to my little guy, I must say I am almost obsessed with him, damn, my crickets eat better than I do! I always on these forums reading up has much has I can, and I can literally watch him for hours ( not non stop but i am always peeking to see). And its more than a high cause its all new, I know the new thing feeling, and this aint it.

Im 25 years old and I can say I have never been passionate about too much in my life, but I am discovering a new side of me with my new addition, really weird, I just want more!

I was in my mid thirties before I became "obsessed". I have no idea what it is either, and I have also kept a bunch of different animals, but this really is a passion! :)
We're just nerds. :) I'm sure most keepers don't get as into it as regular posters here.
I think it's because they don't like us and that makes us work hard go get their affection. We are all George Constanza and our chameleons are every woman he dated.
Welcome to the addiction. :) I can't say what it is either, but there is definitely something there that just makes these little guys beyond fascinating! I've had a lot of weird animals over my life, but nothing compares to how fascinated I am by chameleons. I always wanted one from a very young age but really didn't know what I was missing until now. I think it's the alien-likeness of them. They're so unique in nature and so different even from other reptiles. The species variety in itself is amazing considering how unusual they are to begin with! And they're just so cute on top of it. It's not like they're weird and too mean or dangerous to interact with like some of the really big exotics. I can stare at mine for hours and haven't read this much about one subject in a really long time. I dunno what it is about them, but I really like it! :D
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