what is an ideal aged chameleon to buy ??


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hello everyone !!! i pick up my very first chameleon tomorrow !!! i have researched the lovely critters for a while...but dont know the perfect age to buy them at !! the veiled chameleon i am bying is approx. 4 months old...what are your experienced thoughts on this guys??? any advice is well accepted ....thankyou !!!!


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Hello darren, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :) :D

What kind of chameleon are you planning to purchase? Four months is a great age for a new chameleon. At this age the chameleon should be healthy and well established, but still have plenty of growth left for you to observe.


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When you pic him out look for certain things...nice bulging eyes (shows good hydration) he should show good strength by being able to pull himself up easily...he shouldn't walk a a shaky manner (could be a sign of MBD)...his joints should have a nice 90 degree bend and not a curved looking joint...he should be alert and active. If anyone knows anything i missed please add.


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i am planning on buying a yemen veiled cham. i have watched him grow from 8 weeks old , as i have had a custom vivarium built 4 him . he has grown alot in the additional 8 weeks . he is bright and alert . thankyou very much for your help and advice !!

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4 Month old veiled is perfect. If you are going to a place that has the whole clutch there, stay away from the small ones. It is a survival of the fittest. You want to look for a larger of the clutchlings (Note: just because they are small doesnt mean that there is a problem or not healthy. depends on the breeder). As said before, Check the eyes to make sure they are not sunken in. If you can get the cham to gape at you check the inside of the mouth. There shoulndt be any mucus or anything like that in there. Limbs should be straight. There should NOT be fecal matter around the vent area either. Ask Cham specific Questions: What do you feed them? Do you suppliment/gutload (should be yes, if no, go somewhere else)? What do you suppliment/gutload? What type of lighting do you use (Should have some sort of UVB)? How do they Drink water (If they say a bowl, walk out. Should be misting and drip system)?

Hope this helps, Good luck with the purchase. I hope everything works out and you get a nice healthy Cham.



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I would throw in to look for bumps along the backbone, tail, feet and knees. Afar as MBD goes. Four months is a good age. They are starting to get fiesty and inquizative about the world. I sat in my room for an hour after I installed my males dripper, laughing. He kept standing on his back two legs trying to get a better look at the dripping peice (only time I have seen a chameleon do that). He would let it drip on him a couple of times and then run away. Then come back real slow and start to investigate it again. I wish you the best of luck. Never have I had a pet before that was as challanging and as fun to keep as a chameleon. Post some pictures when you get him. I love seen them when they are little.
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