What do you use to clean cricket bin?


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I’ve bought small bins or tubs to keep the 50 crickets and 50 Dubia I’m getting on Thursday. What do you use to clean the bins initially and when they need cleaning? from what I’ve read you shouldn’t use soap or things like that and I think that’s what killed my last bunch. Where is an economical place to get egg crates?
You can keep the crickets clean if you put a layer of vermiculite on the bottom of the bin. I’d use a big Rubbermaid tub. Cut a large square out of the lid and replace it with screen.
I have 30 healthy chameleons so I know this method works. You can use the same method with Dubias. Put a heat pad under the Dubia bin and they will breed.
Make sure you gutload your crickets with veggies and I also use Repashy bug burger mixed with bee pollen and blue algae. You can put it in a bowl in the tub.
Clean well fed feeders make for healthy chameleons 😊


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I use pressurized water...I clean everytime I get a new box...twice a week....I use large plastic bin
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