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I've had a few successful matings, but I don't seem to be getting very many fertilized eggs, or I get very few fully calcifed ones.

My first clutch of veileds didn't result in any viable ones, but I chalked that up to Marie being already a year or so old and already cycling, plus I didn't let them mate very long.

But subsequent clutches with both Marie and my panther Wendy has only resulted in 8 out of about 100 being good.

I gutload their food items with Cricketfood.com and dust with calcium w/o d3 twice a week and w/d3 twice a month.

Should I bump up the calcium before and/or during gavidity? What am I doing wrong here?

Brad Ramsey

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Should I bump up the calcium before and/or during gavidity?

Every day on every feeder.
This is the one time I think the feeders should look like powdered sugar doughnuts.
As soon as I knew eggs were cycling I bumped up the amount of food* and dusted every feeder with calcium without D3.
Doing it again right now;)


*Not a huge amount ...
also increased feedings to every day
Yea, more calcium!
I blasted most of my crickets with calcium before, during, and after copulation.
I usually dust 1/3- 1/2 with a light coat, but bumped up to 1/2 of them to the shake and bake method.
So far all of my eggs are great!
Its only been 10 days, but they are nice and white with a hint of yellow.
I also let my chameleons breed twice.
Once on the 18th and once on the 19th.
The first copulation lasted almost an hour and the second was about 30 minutes.

Good luck!
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Thanks guys. I've got two female veileds that will be ready for breeding in the next month or so, so we'll see if I'm more successful!
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