What do people think of foggers for the humidity?


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I'm working on my setup before I buy my cham, and was wandering what people thought of foggers. Would you recamend one of those volcano foggers that I found on big apple? and how well would they work in a all mesh enclosure?

Hi reptileguy

I have had no experience with foggers so cannot help you there, ive used humidifiers and they work, a thread can be found on this site somewere on how to set one up (HELP BRAD)they are in my opion better than foggers. Have you thought about setting up a automatic misting system as they are the best thing out for adding humidity,the worst thing you could do is buy one of those horrible plastic waterfalls they only cause bacteria which is no good for your future cham
Automatic misters and humidifiers are great. I posted a picture of my humidifier in [THREAD=94]this thread[/THREAD]. There was also an article on humidifiers published recently on Chameleon News.
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i think i might go w/ the humidifier....i saw brads setup and looked pretty neat and creative. good job. I also found a nice ficus and umbrella tree to put in there. Did I read somewhere on here that pothos was toxic for the chams or will the be alright.....also maybe ivy to grrow up the sides?

Hi reptileguy

Good choice as humidifiers are far better than foggers, pothos is safe to use but i dont know about ivy as ive never used it,try going on a chameleon website and it should give you a safe plant list

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