what chameleon give live birth


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what chameleon give live birth be sides a jackson
as much info as possble and thank you very much for the info..


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Another member found this list on another forum. Here is a few live baby layers :eek:

Bradypodion caffrum
Bradypodion damaranum
Bradypodion dracomontanum
Bradypodion gutturale
Bradypodion karrooicum
Bradypodion melanocephalum
Bradypodion nemorale
Bradypodion occidentale
Bradypodion pumilum
Bradypodion setaroi
Bradypodion taeniabronchum
Bradypodion thamnobates
Bradypodion transvaalense
Bradypodion ventrale

Trioceros Unterarten

Chamaeleo T. affinis
Chamaeleo T. balebicornutus
Chamaeleo T. bitaeniatus
Chamaeleo T. ellioti
Chamaeleo T. fuelleborni
Chamaeleo T. goetzei
Chamaeleo T. harennae
Chamaeleo T. hoehnelii
Chamaeleo T. incornutus
Chamaeleo T. jacksonii
Chamaeleo T. kinetensis
Chamaeleo T. laterispinis
Chamaeleo T. marsabitensis
Chamaeleo T. narraioca
Chamaeleo T. rudis
Chamaeleo T. schoutedeni
Chamaeleo T. schubotzi
Chamaeleo T. sternfeldi
Chamaeleo T. tempeli
Chamaeleo T. werneri


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Right of the top of my head:

All Bradypodion species.

Trioceros werneri, tempeli, goetzei, fuelleborni, ellioti, bitaeniatus, hoehnelii, affinis, incornutus. Thats all I can think of at the moment:eek:

Look at above post LOL!!!
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