***What are YOUR feeding arrangements for your cham?***


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Ever since my first chameleon I've changed up my game several times. From simply throwing the crickets into his cage to hand feeding him with a ladle to coating the bottom of the cricket cage with calcium powder to speed up the process, I finally found what works for me.

It's probably not as complicated as I made it but I want to know what everyone else has tried and what works for you.

Everyone should answer this, tell me what you got! :D


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You put the supplements on the bottom of the cage? Wouldn't that be a mess to clean up after you mist?

I went to PetSmart and got a Cricket Shaker I believe it's called, from RepCal for about $14 and it works nicely.

Then i put it in a shallow dish and plop it in the plant and he grazes on them all for the day, sometimes there will be some left over.
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