What are you breeding in the upcoming year? V.3


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Hello all!
Well this will be the third year to start this thread. It's interesting to hear what everyone wants to be working on at the beginning of the year and see if their goal is fulfilled.

I'll start: Furcifer verrucosus and hopefully a species of pygmy

I included the two other threads, in case you wanted to see what you were wanting to work with in 2010 that you didn't. Or 2009, if you were here.



Maybe more Oustalets (after I find homes for the ones I have now).
Dart frogs...Azureus, Leucomelas, Imitators.
And MAYBE the first breeding of my Radiated tortoises.


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I hope, and this is just a pipe dream, to start breeding quads, deremensis, & Tavatanas. This is setting the bar pretty high. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me.


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I hope, and this is just a pipe dream, to start breeding quads, deremensis, & Tavatanas. This is setting the bar pretty high. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me.
Do you have any Deremensis? I hope everything goes good for you!


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Probably the following species:
Br.transvaalense, damaranum, setaroi, thamnobates (maybe pumilum)
Tr.j.merumontanus, Tr.deremensis
K.oxyrhina, tenuis
If I get my hands on good WCs:
Tr.johnstoni, ellioti, bitaeniatus, oweni, hoehnelii

lisa h

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Oh my! I guess my ambitions are small -- just more Bearded Pygmy chams. My husband may start with his Chahua (sp) Geckos.


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Ambilobe panthers
Bearded Pygmys

Maybe some other chams later in the year if I decide to apply for cites paperwork.

Vegas Chad

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This should be a really exciting year for Darci and I; some of our gecko projects are really starting to pop and our chameleon lines are really starting to get the color that we have been chasing for 3 years now. Our verrucosus group that we have been working with and growing for over a year is finally ready to be put into the breeding schedule, so that’s exciting for us. We have dropped some things and have added to others in order to focus on our favorites that I think we have done the best with.

Nosy Be’s
Veileds + Trans
Pygmy Brevs

N. Wheeleri (knob tail)
N. Amaye (knob tail)
Viper Gecko


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Possibly Paerodura picta if everything goes right... though that may wait until next year.


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maybe some pygmy chameleons. Not sure yet havent got any pairs of anything apart from leopard geckos and there are loads on the market atm. i only hatched one this year and i havent even sold her yet! Next year though should be breeding Sambavas!


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well for me its nothin:rolleyes:

maybe in 2012 some locale of panther....im deciding between nosy be, sambava, or ambilobe...:rolleyes:


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With 22 days in, I'm hoping my ambilobi x sambava cross eggs are still good. No mold or fungus and no cave ins so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

My female Quad is about ready. So this year should start my Quad adventure with eggs as soon as she is receptive.



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Hopefully and this is a pipe dream too:D Tr. tempeli, ellioti and goetzei along with K. oxyrhina and uthmoelleri. That is if I can complete the pairs of the animals I already have.

Good luck everyone!

And Juli, glad to hear you are finally getting a female for that oustie male!
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