What a porperly dusted cricket look like?


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I use an extremely small amount (just what I can get on the tip on a little scoop I have). Usually my crickets look almost grey as opposed to white.

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If they look like ghost crix then your using too much. Its much easier to dust sparingly using a cup and swishing the cricks around with the dust. Using a bag or baggies seems to cause me to over dust also. Just a tip.


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There are many factors as to how much to dust.

Of which include:
1- Species
2- Age
3- How many
4- How often

It all has to do with those four factors in my opinion. Veileds and Panthers will allow for more supplementation than a montane species than say, a jackson. Also, a younger speciemen will also need more than an adult. Sometimes, I will feed 10 crickets, and 2/3 will look like little ghost, it is about the equivalent to all of them having a small amount of the supplement of them. Another factor is how often you do it. If you don't do it as often, having a little "extra" than you normally have is acceptable in my opinion.



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He's almost a 6 mth old Panther. I feed him 6-10 depends on his mood. Some are white some aren't. I put them in a cup with a pinch of powder and try not to make them dizzy.


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This cricket has too much powder on it "ghosting" is the common term.


Here is what I try to get my crickets to look like when I dust them.



Hope that helps some man.
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