What a difference time can make!


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I was going to follow up Will's thread, where he showed a "before" and an "after" picture of his male Ambanja, but that thread was so long and drifting in topics (if I remember right) that I figured I'd start a new one. I recieved this "female" Ambilobe panther from a mostly red bar Ambilobe shipment that came in about 6-7 months ago. I immediately knew it didn't look right for a female... The head was male-looking, spines down the back were larger than typical for a female, but the coloration was solid black with a hint of green, and no tail bulge. It was in bad shape, and I honestly thought it would be dead within a month, but I gave it a try. As time passed, sheds happened, it clearly turned into the male that I thought it was. Here's a picture of it when I got it, and after 6 months of TLC.



Quite the change, huh? Also, Will was referring to some shed skin that literally had dirt on it, and I recently got a good example from a WC veiled I thought I'd share. This was shed skin I found in the cage. I almost wanted a glove to pick it up LOL... It's amazing how much better they look after a shed or two.


And the male it came from:

Tamatave or Maroantsetra? Looks nice though!

It's a red bar Ambilobe... It normally has more green in it, but when it's half-excited or more, it goes to a real red/white color. I don't know of any Maros coming in lately, and the shipment was 100% Ambilobes. Most or all were the Northern Ambilobe - red bar types. The shoe fits (though a little snug), so it must be Ambilobe.

I was wondering why you wanted those photos again :) Very nice chameleon and quite the difference. I've seen even worse skin that that, so I know what you are talking about- though I find veiled skin to be softer and their scales finer, so it would hold less dirt. Have you any more photos of him? Keep us updated on how he progresses.

Here is a recap:

Out of Bag...

A couple months in captivity, notice the shed.

A few months in captivity.

And finally, this week...
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