Werneri Pictures

Vegas Chad

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Since I don’t think you can post comments in the for sale thread I thought I would make a thread with pictures of my Werneri… These things are so darn cool! They are like a jacksons mixed with a panther. I need to take some more pictures of them, I had them in a light box and the pics are flashed out a bit.







I remember Trace used to keep these, anybody else have and or have had them? I am highly consider keeping them all. :p
They do look like jacksons but with wickedly cool eyes. I wonder if they can be bred together. Probably not. I think you should get some Jacksonii Jacksonii for the next show. I made plans to go to the Vegas show!
I worked with Werners for a while. There are a handful of locales but the reds you have are the most common. There pretty none the less. Very cool species but there very sensitive. Consistency is key with them.
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