well she has MBD


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well since on my other thread i couldnt get a good answer about my female panther being gravid or not i took her to the vet today for a little check up.. ever since my last cham dying i dont take chances anymore! well had a nice check up, She is GRavid!!! but they arent fertil eggs :( (maybe next time) but the weakness that i talked about the Vet believes to be a slight case of MBD . he sold me some over the conter Calicum drops that im supposed to drip on her lips and let her lick it off.. he said that in about a week or 2 i should notice that it is working...

also since she is gravid how long untill she lays? this would be her first clutch,

ill keep u updated..
How did the vet determine that it was a calcium problem? I can't remember if you ever mentioned it or not...but does she get sunlight or UVB from a light (that doesn't pass through glass or plastic)?
i wasnt the one that took the cham to the vet. my friend to her when he took his male for me, she gets UV from a 5.0 repti sun bulb! never any natural light unless it passes through my room window...
what are the calcium drops? would be something alot of us should know about incase something like this arises for the rest of the community.
well seems the meds are working! :D Today i handled her for a couple minutes and her grip is alot stonger and also she is chasing her food more then she was!
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