Weird question, do chameleons bask in uvb a lot more if constipated?


So odd thing that I didn’t think anything of until it happened. The last 3 days my chameleon has been under his uvb like almost every time I check on him. He will of course eat and walk around but always ends up back under his uvb. I wasn’t thinking much of it but I haven’t noticed any poop from him either. Today I noticed he pooped twice and now he’s back to wandering around and even under his heat lamp and barely under his uvb now lol are they related at all or am I just over thinking? His poops were normal too! (Yay!)

Klyde O'Scope

Chameleon Enthusiast
I would think more likely he'd be spending more time under his basking light, or at the warmer end of his basking gradient.
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