weird black spot on champ???


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weird black spot on champ???help...

today i noticed a black spot on my chameleon champ...i dont know what it could be:confused::confused::confused:...sorry i cant figure out how to blow up the pics...:(:(...i hope you guys can see it...and i hope that the black spots are not bad and will go away when he sheds...has any one had this happen to there cham before???i burly noticed it today or it burly happened last nite or something...???he seems to be fine...could it be a burn???it looked like a little bit of skin was peeling off it this morning...


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It is most likely a burn if the temperature got that high. :( It's never happened to my cham so I'm not sure if the black would go away or not. Black spots could also be bruises, which should go away pretty quickly, but that seems an odd place for a bruise.
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