Weird Behaviour While Eating


I have a 1 yr old baby jackson but what i find weird is that when i offer crickets he gets really close and then shoots his tounge or just gets so close that he bites the cricket, kind of like a bearded dragon would. Should i be worried that he isnt shooting from far?


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Sometimes they just get "lazy". Does he shoot for other prey? Any aim issues? Try using a feeder run cup of some sort and make it so he has to "reach" for it.


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What supplements specifically are you using and how often for each? Looking for calcium, phos, D3 and type of vitamin A in particular.
Have you changed your UVB light like it's recommended?


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My guy is a Jackson’s and is over a year old. He sits on the side of his cup on a branch and leans in and puts half his body into the cup so he doesn’t have to shoot very far. He’s just lazy because he knows the bugs have no where to go!Lol! I’ve seen him shoot far when he’s trying to catch a black soldier fly I let loose in his enclosure so I know he’s fine. You should be dusting your feeders lightly with plain calcium no D3 at least twice a week and then once a month dusting them lightly with a multivitamin with D3. I use reptical no D3 twice a week and then reptivite with D3 once a month. I believe the reptivite has a form of vit A in it. It was what was recommended to me. I hope this is helpful. I would make sure your little guy can shoot a ways and there’s nothing wrong with his aim etc.


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I would try black soldier flies and test to see if he can shoot. I'm not too concerned about lazy behavior but you should see him really shoot now and then.
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