We now have a dinoFuel distributor on the West coast!


Curt @ Epic Chameleons is now a dinoFuel distributor. This will help make shipments on the west coast arrive much quicker. However, feel free to order from me also.

It's a 100% organic gutload, with all superfoods as ingredients. You can't go wrong with a high quality product like DinoFuel!

Thanks for the communities DinoFuel support. It's a great product!. It can be used daily as a dusting or put over fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Diversity in feeding is essential.

Thanks - Tom!
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A big thank you to Tom for this opportunity to help distribute this amazing gutload/supplement .I ship Dynofuel mon-sat. All order placed before 10am ship that day. If your Paypal verified . Go to www.EpicChameleons.com for purchase information.There is also available chameleons listed there too.
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