We Have Poop!!!


Those of you who saw my first post on this poor pet store flapneck might remember how horrible she looked and what bad shape she seemed to be in. That original post is here https://www.chameleonforums.com/dilepis-issues-55329/

Well, today she not only pooped, she ate five houseflies and ~crickets. She had not eaten since I first picked her up last Saturday the 5th. Her skin lesions are better (abscesses) and she has shed and shed. There were layers over layers on her. Her right eye is most likely not salvageable, but it looks better. She has been on Albon and subq fluids (stopped those yesterday as she was a bit pissy). I had been doing babyfood mixed with pedialyte to nudge her along. The shiny spots are neosporin which has realy helped. Some of the abscess "tops" have come off with the shedding and left scars, but a couple have exposed still open sores which I have covered to protect them from further infection and for her comfort.

Let me know what you think.



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You are doing a great job. She's made a lot of progress. If she could speak she would say thank you........
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