We have a Hatchling!!


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Okay.....out of 47 eggs to start with, 1 which was a bad egg leaving 46 good ones....we lost 3 to mold bringing us to a total of 43 eggs in the incubator. We check tonight expecting to see nothing but eggs in vermiculite and Ta Daaaaaahhh!!!.....our first hatchling Veiled Chameloen!! :eek:
Fairly positive I see spurs on the hind feet, but will wait until he is clean to look closer. I am so excited, I am high on it!! We've been waiting since April 1st for these lil' guys.......I was ready to pop 'em in the oven! (This is a joking remark, NOT to be taken seriously!!) I had resolved myself to the fact I might be waiting until January to see any babies, that is why I am so excited! I will post pics ASAP.

We have some really teeny pins for food so far and have ordered some fruit flies as well. So far only the one hatchling, but we have noticed a few sweating eggs. I also got some pics....
CAUTION.......images in background appear larger

and traveling the thumb
That is an awesome photo.
I know what you mean about(being on a high) we have some ambanja out with more to come.
Just need to work out my macro swith on the camera.:confused: :confused:
Hi I'm new here and just wanted to say hi and nice pic. What kind of chameleon is that? I'm looking in to buying one so I'm doing some research on proper care, housing, diet etc..I'm not sure if I should get one from petsmart or a pet store or a breeder. Do you have any advice for me. Thanks Doreen
Hi & Welcome!
The photos are of our first Veiled Chameleon hatchling in a clutch of 43. You are in the right place for advice and helpful info. I came looking for it too and am glad to say I got much needed advice from many great folks here. I would suggest you purchase from a breeder or a smaller pet store that possibly has more experience and better knowledge than a larger chain store does. Heh, went to kill time browsing at Petsmart, ummmmm....a Veiled & a Jacksons in the same cage......yeah......good idea.....NOT!!
hey chamgirl13, that cham in the pics is a vieled. you should purchase from a reputable breeder suck as chameleonsonly.com(liddy&ed kammer)or flchams(mike)or bluebeastreptiles(tyler)ect.

best of luck to you!
You can also do an internet search for...reptile show+your state...this is a good way to see them up close and see a variety and you can pick up cages...bulbs...and crickets cheaper than petsmart.
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