We Have A Carrot Eater

My female veiled all of a sudden LOVES carrots! i cant even get them in the cage fast enough...she tries to eat them out of my hand before i put them down, lol!
How old is she? I have a friend with a veiled that chomps carrots out of her hand-he makes a growling sound and then CHOmP!
Wow I need to try this. I haven't tried vegies with my veiled but it would be cool to see her eat a carrot lol
I would seriously lay off the carrots – too much beta-carotene can cause problems since chams don’t process that too well. So a large amount can create problems such as Hypervitaminosis.

I know it sounds like a great idea to offer your chams some new food items and a lot of people get the impression that b/c its good for us it must be good for a cham. Vieleds will eat vegetation in the wild but only when insects are scarce or they need moisture; it’s not their preferred food though. So offering fruits and veggies on a regular basis could cause some undesired affects (who knows what a large amount of sugar from fruit can do). I really don’t see an issue offering some on the rare occasion as treat – even a carrot. I would just avoid it on a daily/weekly basis.

i agree with roo

I cant even feed carrots to my montain chams crickets or the chams develope edema, i know veilds are very differnt but still eating carrots may not be the best for long term food item, be carfulll with them. wouldnet they end up with orange chunks in there poo lol unless you have one that chews really well lol. I personally have never had a veilds who liked non buggy food asside from the odd pothos bite.
I also agree.
While veileds do eat some vegetation it is generally accepted that this would be limited to plant matter they can reach (leaves).
I can't imagine one would go to the ground and dig up a carrot.
I feed collard greens, butter lettuce, romaine....etc. And mine takes it no more than once a week. He is ravenous about it when he wants it but often leaves it to wither away.

I was using carrots as one of my primary gutloads until i noticed my chams neck starting to get a little loose/puffy. Did some do-it-yourself reaserach and learned that carrots are indeed, terrible for chameleons due to extremely high vitamin A content, which will lead to gullar edema. It can, and has sucessfully been reversed by changing my inadequate gutload recipes. I would also recommend shying away from providing your cham this veggie as well. As for me... that was a serious scare and i will never include carrots in ANYTHING that has to do with my cham from this point on.

Cute story tho, these little critters are facinating and i love em more and more everyday!
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