WC Melleri

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by thephotoprincess, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. thephotoprincess

    thephotoprincess Avid Member

    We got three WC melleri from LLL about six weeks ago. They were in pretty rough shape but are doing very well now.

    Drew would not eat or drink on his own for the first week. He does just fine now!

    Cheech has always been sweet and was in the best shape when we got them.

    Chong had a very deep wound on the bottom of his foot and it was swollen to the point he could not use it. It is much better now and he is using his foot.
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  2. rsepiphyte

    rsepiphyte Member

    Congrats on the new arrivals. They look like they have really improved under your care. I purchased some around the same time you did and i can't say that mine are sweet but they are certainly enjoyable to watch and expensive to feed! LOL! Those guys are true cricket and dubia killers! Ruth
  3. Hoj

    Hoj Friendly Grasshopper

    Looks like they are doing great with you!! Wonderful job :)
  4. Chameleonmaster

    Chameleonmaster Established Member

    Wow I'm glad they came to you!!! They are looking so much better than they did when they arrived.
  5. thephotoprincess

    thephotoprincess Avid Member

    thanks all. we are pleased with their progress - they are great additions.
  6. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    Karen you do a wonderful job with all your mellers, but less we forget you do a great job with all your reptiles. I didn't see a reptile that looked anything but great from your chams to your snake. You young lady are truly an excellent reptile keeper. Jmo:)
  7. cricketkilla

    cricketkilla Member

    I'm officially jealous.. Great pics of those beauties, keep up the good work!
  8. thephotoprincess

    thephotoprincess Avid Member

    Thanks Laurie - that is very kind of you! And of course it's easy ... (as long as I spend all my time and money on them!)
  9. thephotoprincess

    thephotoprincess Avid Member

    thank you. they are awesome chameleons to have.
  10. absolutbill

    absolutbill Chameleon Enthusiast

    I concur - I love seeing your pics on Facebook and on here - I really get my Melleri fix! :D
  11. A1forall

    A1forall New Member

    They look awesome!!! Keep us posted needs to be more Melleri pic on here, just an opinion. Good JOB
  12. Boomerang

    Boomerang New Member

    Love the names! :cool:
  13. GabeCastro

    GabeCastro Established Member

    Great pics! I love Melleri, hardly ever see any pics of these guys on the forums :(

    Love the names too haha!
  14. thephotoprincess

    thephotoprincess Avid Member

    thanks everyone. I mostly just post on FB but I will try to post more of them on here. We have a few melleri and I take a lot of pictures. They are all very distinct personalities and wonderful to have.
  15. Olimpia

    Olimpia Biologist & Ecologist

    They look great! I am so jealous, I will start looking for meller's come January when we move into a house with a yard. I want a couple of them so badly!
  16. erik775

    erik775 Established Member

    good looking chams you got there and yes you do a excellent job with all you chams...

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