wax moth

the wax moths are basically the size of wax worms with wings, most of my chameleons' love them, as far as breeding just leave wax worms, alittle food and some wax paper rolled up (i use substrate like reptile litter) in a tank that they can not get out of. they will turn to moths breed and lay eggs, becareful the baby wax worms are tiny!!! great for neonates. then repeat.
you can get a food recipe from a bunch of places i buy the premade food (from Wormman's farm, i don't like dealing with them, it always takes forever to get a delivery) but it is basically bran cereal and honey (with bee pollen) mixed together everytime i try to make it it is to sticky.

hope that answers your questions.
I'm not an entomologist, but I think that caterpillars/worm forms of an insect are fatty because they have to collect enough energy to transform into the next stage without eating until they do....so I expect that the moth should be less fatty. Just my guess...hopefully someone with some scientific knowledge will chime in here and let us know for sure.
fat and chameleons

There is an interesting post by Kian in the recent fruit thread regarding chameleons and fat. It appears fat may not be as bad for chams as it is for humans, but more research is definitely needed. Feeding the largest variety of safe insects possible keeps chams healthy and happy. I think too many people shy away from grubs and caterpillars because of the fat content, but there are definitely more underweight captive chams out there than overweight ones. Variety and moderation is the key.
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