Watery poop!!


I have read the previous threads about cham poop till I'm sick at my stomach so I'll just ask the question. Here it goes! I 've got a female veiled that's 5 months old. Had her since she was 2 or 3 weeks old from The Veiled Chameleon. I've not had one minutes problem with her until I watched her poop this morning. It was like diarrhea so I opened the cage to check her out and the smell was harsh. I have 3 other chams and they don't poop like this nor do their cages stink(cleaned once a week anyway). I read about parasites so I'm starting to get worried.
I feed my chams crickets and superworms but she wont eat the superworms. I also have been using calcium w/ D3 and Ghann's cricket gutload that came with my crickets. I haven't changed anything in the past year with the gutload, feeders, or supplements. With saying all that I'm concerned that my other chams will develop this probelm. Any answers, questions ,or comments is greatly appriacated and thank you for your time. Matt ::(
Take that poop to the vet to get a fecal done. That is the only way to know for sure and put your mind at ease.
I would take her to the vet- better safe than sorry:) I have heard of crickets having some sort of flu that was affecting the chams here in Canada- not sure how far that affects???? I was pretty picky for a while there about where I got my feeders from....
I disposed of all the crickets and cleaned everything throughly and started over with 200 crickets. I talked to the guy at the bait shop(place where I originally buy them) and he explained how sterile the place is where he gets the crickets. It's pretty cool only paying 3 cents a cricket vs petco's 12 and 13 cents. And at least I know the man at the bait shop personally so I'm at ease with the crickets I buy. I will never stray from the bait shop again. Sorry but I can't say where I got the crickets from that could have had parasites. If you need to know just send me a pm. Thanks!
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