waterfall ideads?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by HDTECH01, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. HDTECH01

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    this is my 6' x 3' x 2' homemade cage for my female vieled. I have some open space on the bottom, and would like to put a waterfall down there that is as tall as 1/2 the cage (3') im not sure what to make this out of (since buying one would probably cost an arm and a leg!).
    any ideas? or maybe someone has made one similar themselves?

    thanks for your time!

  2. Vibrant Chameleons

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    Instead of a waterfall, I'd suggest putting a nice large laying bucket in that open space for her. Waterfalls are just a huge breeding ground for bacteria.
  3. Chameleon Company

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    Bingo. Waterfalls are a truly bad idea. Anything that can cause a sustained wet area in a cage is a bad idea, for the bacteria reasons stated. Crickets will inevitably create a septic situation where sustained moisture is present, and then transfer that higher bacteria counts to your chameleon. Trays or dishes under potted plants are just as notorious. With all due respect, waterfalls are to please the eyes of the owner, and not improve the habitat of the chameleon. As has been said, really bad idea. Add a pretty plant, etc.
  4. Well said, Jim.
    Here are my thoughts, no waterfall!
    For the empty space I would include another plant and an egg laying container.
    Yes, your female Vieled will lay eggs even if she hasnt been bred.
    The link nightcrawler gave you goes over female Veiled care.

    good luck

    PS-Sweet cage! Try not to ruin your hardwood floor with all the moisture.

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