Water: Where do you get yours and what kind do you use?


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Hey all,

So I was wondering where you all get your water, and what kind of water you use. In particular, those of you who keep many species/animals.

I have only recently begun tropical enclosures and have quickly realized my need for distilled water going up. Currently between my 2 enclosures I use close to 1.5L a day (thats like 0.3-0.4Gallons). As I see my collection grow, I can see my need for water quickly becoming a problem. I can't imagine installing an RO system in my *apartment* :( and although boiling is an option it is a hassle I'm attempting to avoid.

Are there any reasonable alternatives? Something that might cost more than boiling, but not quite break the bank like an RO system? Like a simpler water filtration or something? How do you guys with several animals deal with this issue? Or do you just use tap water without a problem (I doubt that!!)?

All my prior experiences are with desert environments and succulents which need barely any water at all so it was a non-issue.


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I use special water drops to make my tap water better and i've read on here that people just get a britta filter jug or the tap attachment.


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I use the filtered water that comes out of my fridge. I can't remember who I talked with, but some people use tap water because it contains calcium which is not bad for a chameleon.


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There are many ways to get chlorine and other chemicals out of water (Chemically, Mechanically, and Naturally).

Chemically: Using something like Reptisafe. Adding a chemical that forces the chlorine to Nucleate (crystallize or vaporize).

Mechanically: Using a filter like a Brita Filter. Running water thru activated Charcoal. The chemicals will deposit onto the charcoal as it runs thru. The big benefit to this method is that it clears out other chemicals ,bacteria, viruses and elements too (like Fluoride, Lead).

Naturally: If your water only has Chlorine it will naturally leave the water if it is let to sit for a couple hours. For every inch of water (deep) it takes about 6 hours. This is the slowest method but its free.

I recommend using Mechanical filtering its not expensive and does and awesome job cleaning water.

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I use the ro filered water from the little windmill looking kiosks. They have one near me. Cost is about .25 cents a gallon when you buy 5 gallons. I use about a gallon a day with my crew.


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I use distilled water from the grocery store (because it doesn't leave water spots on the glass when I clean my windows with it, therefore no minerals, it's is more pure) or I use fresh rain water. I collect it same day or morning after it rains during times of the year when we don't have mosquitoes. I strain it through a cheese cloth. I use to clean windows too because it won't leave water spots, and I drink it as well. I just keep it in plastic water jugs. it's very pure and we don't have problems with acid rain or that kind of thing around here so it's safe. Clean, new, fresh-snow-melt water would be good too, after straining. Forgot to mention our tap water is yuck, it even smells like chlorine, and I don't trust it.
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I've been using plain tap water. We have some sort of filtration system before it comes out of the tap though. I do not see any mineral deposits left on the leaves after my mister goes off so I guessing it is fine for them.


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thanks for the replies

@donna: you must live somewhere really nice!! we barely get any rain here in socal in general and I CERTAINLY would not consider it clean! Way too much smog :(

@Vegas Chad: Not all water is created equal!

@Rest: I have a BRITA filter but wasn't sure if it was sufficient, glad to know it is!

@DeviousMike: I certainly don't trust the local tap water around here...how long have you been keeping them with tap water successfully?


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Warming water to good misting temperature??

So how do you guys manage to get your distilled/r.o./ whatever water to the perfect misting warm temperature? It's sooooo easy to just run the tap warm... I really can't see me going downstairs and boiling and cooling water in the kettle every time I want to mist. So I've just been having some pre-boiled or RO water in my bottle, then adding warm tap water. Thenthat sits out, then next time I add more tap water, etc. So it's like 1/3 of each now, but gradually it's getting more and more tap water each time, otherwise it's too cold and he gets cranky.
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