Water Temp in Mister


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Hey, so I have a mistking and i noticed that the water in the bucket is pretty cold. I just filled it the other day with warm water, and now it's cold. Just wondering what some of you are doing who have bigger reservoirs.

You could use a fish tank heater in your resivour, but be careful thoe if the res is clear plastic it will attract algae growth.
Or you could try an inline heater (fishtank type)
Try wrapping the res in pylostyrene as an insulator (like a central heating tank jacket)
Or simply try increasing the tempature in the room that the res is in!
i wouldnt worry to much about heating the water as long as its not below avg, room temp, but if you really want you could use a under tank heating pad and just set your resivoir ontop of it
Heating the water is a waste of time and electricity. I did it with an inline heater for a couple of years then stopped. The chameleons do not drink more or less and don't stress because the water is room temp.

IMO- Just another unnecessary thing to worry about and go wrong. Increases the risk of fire, bacteria etc with no benifit.
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