water softener.

I believe that the water is softened by using salt...I don't know how much salt will be bad for a chameleon.
yeah its bags and bags of salt.

their babies now, but i wanted to know cause when they grow up i want to shower them. and ive also been using the softened water. so i just wanted to know if its bad.
Hello! I work on water systems and I use ro water for my chams. Which is softened dechlorinated water. The salt you use isn't injected into your water pipes. The salt is for the resin inside the softener. When the softener regenerates or refreshes itself it uses the salt out the brine tank to wash off the calcium molecules and other hard water contaminates. Basically chams just need dechlorinated water but softened is just a bonus. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns with water. Thanks, Matt
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