water resistant flourescent fixtures

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which of the flourescent fixtures are more vunerable to water

the aquarium hoods these hold 1 to 2 lamps and got a plastic hood.

or the cheaper fixtures from home depot,lowes etc. i was looking at the singe lamp under cabinet fixture im not sure how i could use one on top of a cage.
i got a 24" reptisun 5.0 lamp and i need a fixture.i am adding this to dual 5.0 reptisun compact lights.
well i use a aquarium hood i got for free and it works fine. the bubls dont get hot enought to shatter when they get sprayed( like spot lamps). you could easily use the fixtures from lowes. even the hard wire ones, just get a replacement cord and attach it. i also have the undercabinet one on my gecko's cage and you would just remove the plastic casing over the bulb and set it on top of the cage.
with the undercabinet ones is the switch vunerable to water being sprayed inside the cage ?
This should go without saying, but water and electricity do not mix. No matter what type of bulb, fixture, cord, etc. the lamp should not be sprayed and should not be mounted inside the cage. A bit of overspray happens and will usually not cause problems but the risks outweigh the rewards when it comes to placing light fixtures inside cages.
all i did was cover the switch with electrical tape or take it out and direct wire it so it runs by whether its plugged in or not.
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