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I'm taking care of a rescue chameleon. He's a two year old veiled chameleon who lost his tongue in an accident. I feed an water him by hand. I've been giving him 2 cc's (2 ml) of water a day. I got this figure from the literature in the box of ReptiAid that I bought. I think this might be too much as I think he's starting to retain water so I've cut back to 1 cc. Does any one know what the proper amount of water is neccessary for an adult veiled? Thanks!


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im not sure of the exact amount but the water amount on the reptiaid is probably for a broad species of chameleons/reptiles. veields seem to drink less than other species of chameleons. so i think it was good you cut it back to 1 cc. i would give that a week or so and see he adjusts. good luck with your rescue. i bet he's awesome


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best of luck with your rescue. i to have a cham with no tounge and he has learned to eat well with help. u have to be very carefull when wtering a toungless cham as it is very easy for them to reparate water with no tounge there. i would just keep a close eye on his urate and adjust water as needed. i water my guy with a hand dripper and he doesnt drink from it everyday and when he does he only takes about 1.5cc but he still has good white urate.
best of luck if you have any question feel free to pm me, i am by no means an expert keeper but do have experience saving a cham with no tounge.



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"Water needs are based on metabolic rate (see my first column, March 2002). Once you have a weight on your chameleon, you can look up its metabolic rate from my charts. The charts give "calories per day". A useful approximation is that 1 (one) ml (cc) of water is needed for every calorie. If your chameleon needs, for example, 8 calories daily, it will be drinking about 8 ml daily. Another way to estimate water intake is to use an empirical equation of 10 to 30 ml/kg body weight"....

This site gives the calories...
Thanks all for the replies. I have tried to see if he will drink when the automatic sprayer goes off, but he's not really into it. I give him water with a syringe and make sure to put it in far enough so that he doesn't aspirate any water. I feel that he's getting too much water and food also because his casque in really fat and he's retaining water in his eyes. I'll try the advice I've received and see how he does.
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