Watch out...lights burn!


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With all the burns that seem to be happening lately I'm wondering if there shouldn't be a sticky about making sure that the lights on chameleon cages are far enough away from the closest spot that the chameleon can be sitting in that the chameleon won't get burned??

Perhaps people should also test it out by putting their own hand at the closest point that the chameleon could sit at as well to make sure that its not hot enough to cause a burn??


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I think this is a great idea, and would love to see something added about how essential it is to have a good digital thermometer. I am seeing too many people that are unaware of their temps.


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i agree, i am constantly checking and rechecking my temps, my little guy always wants to be sooo close to the heat, im always holding my hand in the basking area to feel how hot it is. i put up a thread about a temp/humd meter that i bought and i love it.. works great and was only $20.


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That is a great idea. Lots of new people (including me) think that the little round ones that stick to the cage are fine. but then you get a digital and put it in the same spot and it will say 84 while the other says 79 or 90.... Also, maybe toss in a part that says about ALL lights out at night and that the blue/purple/red are included in that.
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