Warning About "Highs in Disguise" sold in stores, possibly near you.

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Here is an article:


this is one of my oldest, and best friends Bill. I had to end our active friendship because he was on drugs. He is a recovering addict/alcoholic.

I spoke to him thru text messaging on our cell phones while he was down in Florida rehab.

He came back up to NJ because he hates Florida and was planning on going to a program here in NJ.

The drugs he ended up using and eventually made them his drug of choice were these "bath salts" and "herbal tea" which are synthetic ways of getting really high.

Some people aren't as effected as other, obviously we all have different chemicals working in different ways in our brain.

He has Bi-polar disorder and when using these drugs, his medications stop working, and unfortunately, he became extremely paranoid.

I urge you to help fight against these "legal highs".

They banned one brand, and recently came out with another.

I really hope one day none of these serious drugs that can cause this sort of tragedy will never be available, unfortunately that wish is a dream. :(
Wow! Thats interesting !

Unfortunately kids all around me do weed, cocaine, and just about anything you can think of. I DO NOT do it at all nor will i ever. Its sad to see people my age get addicted :(


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You can't get physically addicted to weed or ecstasy.
For Kara,

For a long time, X has been normally produced in a basement. X generally contains opiates and stimulates in it, it is physically addicting. Lots of X has crystal meth, synthetic upper's, tranquilizers, Xanax and sometimes heroin.

Most people who do X don't generally do that drug once in a blue moon and NOT do anything else...

I know more than 40 people who went through a rough time after quitting JUST weed. Yeah, you can't compare it to quitting nicotine heroin, alcohol, and benzos, but it still sucks a lot.

Some couldn't get more than 3 hours of sleep a day for more than a month.

ALL had horrible headaches, as bad as a real migraine.

Most people who weren't even fat to begin with (most pot heads aren't actually fat) have a very hard time eating after quitting.

Weed now a days is so damn good and fun that it is very hard to stop for more than a few days without having a nice burn out session, before you get really agitated and have mood swings.

Just saying, weed isn't how it was when it was being blazed in the 70's -80's - early 90's.

Weed is serious, and once you taste some fine buds, why would you want some regs or decent bud, when you have a choice of something spectacular.

Kids with developing brains who smoke tolp qaulity weed are really jeopardizing their true potential.

They also say cocaine and crack isn't physically addicting. I wonder what a non-physical addict would do for a hit/bump out on the streets... :rolleyes:

For Stefan, I'm truly happy you don't do that stuff man, really awesome. I did all the partying and bs from age 13-20 and it paid a big toll in the end.

Being the type of person who can function who has a couple nights a week being drunk and a few smoke sessions a week is one thing, but when you're the type of person who falls in love and cannot stop, that's when other drugs eventually come into play. Not for all, but for most.

It is extremely rare, but even weed can ruin a life, generally for people who already have a mental illness.

Anyways, this post is really targeted on these "legal highs" that aren't meant for abuse! hah! Great way to slap the DEA in the face. On the back of some of these packages, it states "do not ignite and inhale" and "do not consume".

I urge you all to help notify your schools, township committee, etc. and educate them. There is more and more info. on these nightmare drugs on the web week by week.


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I smoked pot a lot in college! And by a lot I mean like an eigth every two days. When I quit smoking I don't think I had any withdrawl whatsoever. Very easy to quit. Cigarettes on the other hand, I cannot drop at all... I'm thinking about trying the patch.

Edit- but to the OP, that stuff they are selling I would never try. Who knows what is in it...
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Nah. Pure X and plain weed are not physically addicting. There are no withdrawl symptoms. Mentally they can be very addicting though.

LSD and ketamine aren't considered physically addicting either.

Cocaine can be addicting physically, but not the same way.


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These "Bath Salts" a dangerous and I hope they are band across the US before they damage anymore lives.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, hopefully he will get the help he needs and not just locked up and forgotten.


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Nah. Pure X and plain weed are not physically addicting. There are no withdrawl symptoms. Mentally they can be very addicting though.
Pure is one thing. However, that's not always the case, especially with X. Unless you get it from someone you trust who makes it themselves, you can't be sure what's in it.


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These "Bath Salts" a dangerous and I hope they are band across the US before they damage anymore lives.
I dont see that happening. Are they going to ban the herbal tea too? How about perfume? And glue, and maybe even Sharpies...
It totally sucks this happened, but the government can't take everything away that we can hurt ourselves with, or we would be left with nothing, and this would not be America.

Edit- wow, I didn't realize that was just the street name for something else. I thought he literally found a way to use bath salt to get high. I'm retarded lol.


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In other news, a few kids from my school actually tried to sell "bath salts," but they really were just.. bath salts. The normal kind. You know, the salt kind? Yeah. It was pretty hilarious.


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Wow thats sad.. My sister smokes pot and who knows what else... Its sad and I get mad whenever she does it.. I don't talk to her much because we live in different towns, but she is in a small town about 20 mins. away she lived in New Orleans and Los Angeles within the past 8 months. Now she is back thank goodness, but still its all around..
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