warming water in auto misters??


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does anyone have a good idea on how to keep water warm for automatic misters?? the waters is room temp but i wanted to keep it a little bit warmer and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to do this??
i thought about that but i think u have to keep the heater in a certaint water level and i only have a 5 gallon bucket
Just a thought, but the fish tank heater in the bucket would probably promote the growth of bacteria and algae that you wouldn't want your chameleon exposed to. You might consider an inline water heater placed between two sections of tubing closer to the exit nozzle for the mister to attempt to keep bacterial growth and such to a minimum.
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my bucket for water in cleaned everyotherday with chlorox wipesi would never leave just standing water. the water is constantly cycled and the resorvoie is cleaned(bucket). but where could i buy a line heater??
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