warmer temps


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Well its gettin warmer up here in WI and i wanted to put my cham outside for a while now that i will be home a while during the summer. no my cam runs liek hell when i get near his cage and even hisses when im just dumping his crix in. now any help would be great with any ideas on how to get him outside thanks all.
Thick, clean gardening gloves help a lot. That way even if he does get ahold of you, he won't hurt you. With my big male veileds, I have to wear gloves just becuase their grip is so strong that it hurts!

I also use the two hand method to get them out.. distract them with one and while they are hissing and lunging for that hand, use the other to gently get under their feet and get them out. Usually once they are out of the cage the hissing and bite attempts stop.
well i just got him out for about 2 mins and all he did was try to run from me so now that im home alot more during summer hopefully i can get him out a for a while after i get a new cage built for outside
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