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Is there an age at which i should expect to see a significant growth in my Cham?

Here is a link to my introductory/How to ask for help page:

I'm assuming Waldo is around 2 months old. He doesnt look much different then he has since I got him a month ago. Maybe just slightly fatter. but as far as growing long, big or anything else, nothing. i can take a new picture if it would help to compare...

Im just wondering, for health reasons, what the normal growth rate is for a Baby Veiled Cham

Some chams will just grow slow and then hit a growth spurt out of no where. This can happen at any time. Some species are naturally slow to grow as well. As long as he's eating well you should have nothing to worry about.
Okay, I suppose he is eating pretty good. I'm noticing the crix disappearing, he's being cup fed now...havent witness any attempts to eat from it, but have seen him stalk the cup. Either they are escaping and hiding (cant see them) or they are in his belly. His droppings look good though...if he poops he eats so i hear...
Waldo's first shed today!

My heart dropped when I seen him rub his head against the cage and open his mouth a bit. I automatically thought there was a problem till i looked more closely at him and noticed that he has skin hanging all over! Poor guy, Im going to bump his misting up a bit and try and get some pics!

So, after a first shed is there any noticable changes I should look for when all done?
his colors may be a bit more vibrant. I always felt after my cham shed he looked bigger, but it might have just been my imagination!
Hard to see, very camera shy at the moment. Probably self conscious with all the shed =) He did peek his head out, curious of the mist.






Well, he's shed all he can shed but one little patch on his foot. His green does look to pop a little more, a little more vibrant. He also seems to be not so scared, this is the first time Ive seen him at the bottom of his cage....interesting
Post Shed:

I've never seen his appetite so strong, I decided to free roam his crickets today and he went after them, one after another after another and he normally doesnt do that, not with free roam. I cup feed him, and Ive never seen him attack a cricket within the cup yet, but today the free roaming crickets were wiped out quick. He does look a little bigger, his color is a bit more vibrant, and his casque looks to have grown a little, more pointed then curved. maybe its excitement induced imagination, but I like it.

Here are a few more pics that I tried to get while he was returning to his UV spot. He wasnt happy with the camera climbing up the back of the enclosure, as you can see, his blacks started to come out.

Scouting the area

Making a run for it!

Getting pissed

Off to hide for awhile
Not a big fan of it, It works though, no holes or tears yet, but nothing can sit on top without pushing the top down and every time you unzip to get it open (it rattles the entire cage scaring the chameleon) and the netting slips back a little. The zipper end broke on me already.

Just not a fan of the whole enclosure itself, the tubing that builds the frame, the netting with the zipper opening. Theres no way to run wires for thermometers/thermostats, tubing for misters or anything else in it without puncturing a small hole to slide them through, doing that Id be afraid of the hole getting bigger over time. I run my stuff through a bottom corner in which I try to keep zipped fully close, still allowing some space though which I had to stuff with a paper towel to block crickets. yet they always manage to get out, or a few do at least.

Man, I cant wait till payday to buy the rest of the supplies for my DIY cage
Took a really cool pic of Waldo's face, close-up. Its on a memory card, unfortunately every time i try to load the card into my computer, it attempts to forcer me to format it, losing all pics. Any ideas on a fix?
Got the picture off the card, not using the card anymore, its broke and I just got lucky.

Here was the treasure I was digging for!

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