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i have a 3month old chameleon who has just shed his skin for the 2nd time in 5weeks. This morning i noticed him angrily gaping his mouth a lot more than he would normally if he was angry,i paid close attention to this and witnessed him vomiting what seemed to be a bit of dirt with a light brown shell-like substance attached to the dirt,it looked a lot like the skin of a mealworm but i am unsure
he doesnt seem to be eating his crickets today but has eaten a mealworm or two is there anything in particular wrong with him as he seems healthy and this has obviously worried me

it is a male veiled chameleon,3months old living in a flexarium cage 16.5’’w x 16.5’’l x 30’’ h with a 60w basking lamp and a 18" arcadia d3 striplight the basking spot temperature is 86f and humidity ranges from 65-75 throughout the set-up,i am currently using two ficus benjamina plants and the cage is located in the corner of my room so as to not disturb him too much
He is eating crickets as a base diet and mealworms additionally they are both gutloaded and dusted with repton powder for supplementation.
i use a dripper system for ten minutes twice a day and mist the cage 2-3 times a day
he is still feeding fine and there are no signs of illness just the fact he vomited mud and a shell which obviously has me worried
Could possibly the size of the feeders or amount.
If they drink to much water.
The death rattles.

Only three things that I have heard that make alot of sense in relation to a chameleon puking like what you described.
i started feeding him bigger crickets 2 days ago do you think that could be the problem then?as i said he seems to be healthy and this is the first time it has happened

It is certainly reasonable to go back to small crickets assuming that you were trying mediums. A 3 month-old can do fine with small crickets. How about a few photos of him and his setup :).
there was another thread a few weeks ago about this, i also witnessed a 2 1/2 year old male jackson vomit, he was gapping, pointing his head downward, gapping, hanging from his back feet (i thought he was dying) he vomited got back on the vine, gapped and adjusted alittle and walked away. he has been fine. i looked into the vomit and yes i found either cricket or roach wings, mealworm skins, i figured they didn't digest or whatever, life.
thanks drew that puts my mind at ease a lot more,it hasnt happened since i changed back to small crickets thank god but your description of what happened is exactly the same so im hoping its safe to assume i fed him crickets too big,i only moved up a size because he was going through 12-18 small roughly 1cm crickets a day but i have gone back to them and he seems fine,stools are normal and there has been no other vomiting issues
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