Viruses, bacteria and fungus....


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As a society of Cham Keepers from all over the world, I am becoming aware that even though someone may have a problem with an infection or a skin fungus, people rarely follow through with proper testing to identify the root cause. Pathology is expensive, and even if someone does go through testing, if the animal does die with or without treatment it is again expensive to have a necropsy done to determine cause of death. One thing that can truly help us as a collective group and the reptile world as a whole would be to thoroughly report these findings, even post a Vet report if you can.


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As a vet I can absolutely tell you that you're right Julirs. It is very rare that people go through all the diagnostics for reptiles especially as opposed to dogs or cats. There are many times that vets I've worked with have offered to do diagnostics for free just to try to discover the pathology at work because people almost never want to spend the money on their reptiles. Even big collectors just treat symptomatically unless they have significant contagious losses. That's the only time diagnostics really get pursued, when lots of economical losses may warrant it. The literature on reptiles is still quite a bit behind other categories of exotics and animals because of the lack of proper diagnostics requested. Vets can only do so much out of pocket...
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