vid of my reptibreeze mod with my cham going in

Awsome set up:cool:

and the cham looks HUGE:eek: for a female veielded, compaered to the ones i've seen:cool:

Thanks people, I spent about 6 weeks converting the cage, I mainly did it because it's so cold at the mo, and as an added bonus it holds humidity so beautifully!!! That itself made it worth the time!!!
Nice looking enclosure, how big was your cham when your mate had her in that poxy glass tank? Am i the only seing your camera view on an angle btw? Am i missing something lol
I'm not sure to be honest, I don't think she was any smaller really, maybe half an inch tops!! Iv had her for 6 months nearly and she looks better, I'll be honest though when I got her I didn't know much and put myself in the deep end and was always panicking but I think it's more a routine thing and timing is key to it but she doesn't like eating crickets anymore and only eats from my hand out of choice. The person I purchased her from sold her with that terrarium and I didn't like it either so I got cash together and modified the cage after buying it from USA. She seems alot happier that she can move and and blend in more

Yes the video is turned sideways due to using an iPhone and struggled to fit the whole thing in-sorry!!!
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