vet trip was good!

took Cammy to the vet today. (well, i’m sick so my mom took her) but i had some concern about her mouth, she doesn’t have mouth rot but she has some infection, i have to give her antibiotic shots every 3 days. They said i do
a very good job of taking care of her and she’s very healthy so that made me smile. (it’s always nice to know you’re taking good care of your child 🤦‍♀️) x-ray showed she has her first clutch forming but the “follicles” (eggs) haven’t hardened yet. i also had concerns about her crawling at the bottom of her cage but they said nothing is wrong with my temps/humidity and it’s probably because i recently got a snake and she can see her and it may be stressful. they said to put up dividers, i already was planning on that tho, just haven’t gotten to it. but besides the infection (i caught it very early on so it’s not very bad) she’s very healthy!


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Hope you're better soon!

Where is the infection the vet says your chameleon has?
What medication did the vet put her on?

Do you have a copy of the xray showing the follicles that you can post on here?

Definitely block her from being able to see the snake ASAP...snakes are predators of chameleons. HIW would you feel if there was big predator in your room with you all the time?
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