very suspicious that both my females have health issues

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i find it very suspicious that both Splinter and Lucky have health issues now. first is Splinters eye problem now Lucky's dark disturbing colors that do not look good i would say these colors she has look like shes gonna die i mean like if she was dead that would be the color she would be if she was dead.
I agree with taking them to a vet....but as I said in another post, I would post your husbandry and see if there is something that needs improvement.
how do you post your husbandry?


cage : 30x30x18 screen cage,live plants,plastic plants.

full drainage into buckets

7:00am lights on/7:00pm lights off
ambient temps:morning lights power up 68-71 f then increase to74-77f in the afternoon.
75-77f until shutdown.

basking 90-95 f

74-77f at 7pm, then drops to 71-68 f at night.


drippers run at 4pm till about 7pm everyday

every other day the run extra 12pm -3pm

automist mist for 5mn. 3x in the afternoon 11:30am-11:45am
automist mist for 5mn 4x evening 3:45pm to 4:10pm

air pump sprayers misting sessions 2x per day 5-10mn

plants live shefflera/pothos

feeding 7-10 crickets per day each chameleon
feeding 2-3 superworms each per day unless they dont want then 1 maybe 2 each


t-rex cb chameleon everyday unless substituted with reptical calcium or maybe repcal calcium/reptivita mix.
2-4 times a month zoomed reptivite is used .

sometimes they are dusted with just reptical calcium.
sometimes with reptical calcium/reptical vitamin mixed , this is a 2 part mix made by reptical

4-6 times a month crickets are feed to each chameleon as is.


90% of the time supers are dusted with reptical calcium
10% as is.

when i have them 1-2 each per day,when females lay eggs i have them .

each of the 4 chameleons get one drop of liquid calcium every 10 days.

ZOOMED 5.00 reptisun for lucky and shaky each cage except splinter and sonic have dual reptiglow 5.0 splinter also has a 18" reptisun for 3x lights.
exoterra sunglo round bulbs .
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Lucky and splinters are the females...right? And you have the four housed in separate cages?

Most of the husbandry you listed is good IMHO.

Does the light from your UVB bulbs pass through glass or plastic?

Re supplementation...I've never used T-rex cb chameleon or reptivite or I don't know from experience if they are good or not. I do know that reptivite has vitamin A from preformed sources and that preformed sources can build up in the system. What does t-rex have in it in the way of phosphorous, calcium, D3 and vitamin A? Is the vitamin A preformed or beta carotene? I also can't find a breakdown for reptical regarding those nutrients.

You didn't mention gutloading your insects you? If so...with what?

I dust with rep-cal's phosphorous-free calcium at most feedings. Insects have a poor cal./phos. ratio and this helps to compensate with it. I also dust twice a month with their vitamin product...preformed vitamin A can build up in the system but beta carotene can't. I dust twice a month lightly with rep-cal calcium/D3. D3 from supplements can build up in the system so you need to be careful...and if your chameleon gets direct sunlight it should be able to produce enough D3 from that. I use repti-sun 5.0's as the UVB source.

I'm not saying that my way is the only way or the right way...I'm just saying that I have good success doing it this way...and by remaining consistant with the brands, I have attained a balance. If I keep switching brands/methods, then its hard to keep everything in balance.

For good bone health, its important to have a UVB source, appropriate temperatures, and a balance of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A and D. These things also affect other areas of the chameleon's health too of course.
yes the crickets are gutloaded with flukers for the time being. they are all housed in their own cages 30x30x18 light passes through the screen mesh.
lucky and splinter are the females.
and my mistake mispelled rep-cal i call it reptical but its rep-cal i think its has a pink label and the vitamin jar has a blue label.
Okay...the pink one is calcium with D3 that I use lightly twice a month...

I think the pure calcium one is this one (its down in the basement and I don't have time to go and look at it)...and it can be used on most feedings...

This is the vitamin one I use twice a month...

Is this the fluker's gutload you use? What does it contain in the way of D3, vitamin A, calcium and phosphorous? I haven't used it. I gutload with a wide variety of greens and veggies.
yes that is the fluker cricket food i use the rep-cal says it haS vitamin d3

they are rep-cal not reptical there is probably no such thing as reptical.

she is still alive today,tomorrow morning is her appointment i have 2 omaha steak containers made of styroform they use these to put frozen steaks and send them in the mail i put 4 1/2 inch holes on each lid ,i am going to put a branch in each and some fake foliage. these containers are at least 2" thick styrofoam. because this hospital is 30-40 mn away i dont want them getting to cold.
it might be my imagination but she seemed today like she was holding her green color a little better/more time after being sprayed, when shes sprayed she greens up then after the spraying is done she gets dark ,today like i said it seemed she stayed greened up more time.

i am hoping its nothing very serious, something that she can recover from and continue living her life here . i was thinking if she needs a surgery for egg binding that her days for laying eggs will be over.
If they are full grown I would cut down on their food drastically. This maybe why you have such huge clutches. Smaller clutches are way more natural and far less harsh on your ladies.
There is a reptical too....but I have never used it.

Re: the fluker's cricket food...does it contain any D3, vitamin A (beta carotene or preformed?), phosphorous or calcium?
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