Veileds, Panthers, Jacksons update


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Hey all

Doing an update which I dont do too often...

Been busy trying to get some good healthy Panther eggs, but I havnt had the best first clutches...maybe because its the first clutches for the females...the more recent clutches are looking good though so will have to see what happens in the next couple months, will hopefuly have some faly banjas.

Here are the veileds..
My male veiled:

These 2 girls are my friends...
This one is really mean...and shedding

This one is the nicer one but shy

Here is my lil merumontanus...they are a new specie that I am starting to work with, I should have some new ones coming next week.

Heres a pic to show how small he is compared to panthers and veileds.

And here is my male panther, he has developed a lot of red these past few months and is turning out to be quite the stunner.

This is the bigger female panther, she has laid 2 clutches so far, one with 22 eggs and the other 15 eggs

This female is a bit smaller and laid 14 eggs

Hope you enjoy the pics


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Cool, was he very very turquoise when he was young. Or the light aqua color he is now.

I am digging the Red Bars.


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He was quite turquoise.
I expected him to be bluish green with just a few red spots and yellow lips but he turned out waaay different.

This was taken last year when he was around 3 or 4 months old.

5 months

Around 7 months

9 months

After that close to a year old he went some really mif dull green colour but has started looking better and better every week.
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