Veileds and Panthers Galore!

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Previously posted these guys in a regular thread; it's been several weeks and decided to post them back in the classifieds (if you sent a pm previously and did not get a response, i am sorry! my pm box filled up quickly and i may have missed some.....)

These are the guys and girls we have left:

Raynor, Ambilobe juvi male

And his sire from Kammers:


Lealia, Ambanja:

Kataura, Ambilobe:

And Ceri:

There are other pictures of each of them (some showing off their "other" colors) in other threads of mine..."upcoming sales and re-homing" and "the gang's all here"

Asking prices are as follows:

Stryder 75 +shipping
Ceri 50 +shipping
Lealia 200 +shipping
Kataura 275 +shipping
Raynor 400 +shipping

For any additional information, please check out the other threads or pm me!

Also, if you're local, we will be selling supplies as we empty the cages! Willing to ship chams, but supplies need to be "local" pickups.

SN: We are also still waiting on the hatching babies for any one that is wondering about any of our ambilobe, ankaramy, ambanja or veiled clutches. =)


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Kat is now sold and new home pending for Ceri....

Stryder, Lealia and Raynor are still looking for good new homes!


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How old is Leaila and has she ever been bred?
approx 17 mos..if previous owner info correct....she has been bred once...(with our boy Gargamel...RIP... :( ) we have eggs incubating still....20 eggs in that one. from what we were told, she's from the dr. gonzo line, but no way to prove that really....

and for an update on the others:

Ceri and Stryder are both still available....several inquiries on both Lealia and Raynor..... price on Raynor firm at $395 and Lealia at $200 (plus shipping) :)


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updates on our re-homing

Stryder and Lealia have both found homes we are down to two babies that are still looking for new families....

Lots of inquiries on Ceri - but I'll just throw out in advance, we do not intend to re-home her to anyone planning to breed her; most people have received info with the pms, but she is not recommended for any future breeding due to a previous prolapse that was surgically corrected. No other health problems, and with regulated temps and feeding, she should have no future problems....there is just that possibility of another prolapse in the future if there are attempts to produce large clutches....

Raynor is still growing into his colors, but looks more and more like his daddy every day!!!


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will be posting new pictures of raynor and ceri tomorrow....the two still needing homes....i know the one of ceri in this post doesn't do her justice at all with the "pretty" colors. and then post in fauna (don't have a kingsnake

and yay...we have one baby hatched and 2 more eggs are starting. :) all from the clutch from Gargamel and Lealia (our ambanja kids) :)
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