Veileds acting weird.


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Alright. I got my male Veiled about 6 months ago and he was alreday 10 months when I got him. By the way, I do know all the proper ways to care for Veileds. So he's all grown up now and I went looking for a female for him. So I bought a very healthy looking 14-16 month old female the other day. I got her home and all set up and yesterday afternoon I introduced the female into the males cage. The female seemed very receptive, even to the point of going to the male and resting her head on him, which I thought was kinda weird. The male isn't being responsive at all. He was just kinda moving slowly away from her. So I left them together overnight and gave them both some calcium dusted crickets. They both gobbled them down. Now the female seems unreceptive and gaping and swaying back and forth, but she hasn't changed to the dark coloration. Until this point, I have only raised and bred Panthers, so I'm wondering if this is normal. Thanks for any info.

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