veiled vs panther vs poroto


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Can anyone comment on the general temperament of the panther, rudis, and/or poroto as compared to the veiled? Thanks!
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I don't have any experience with rudis yet. Comparing the male panther and veiled chameleons I have cared for, I would have to say the veiled is more aggressive. From talking with other people and reading about their experiences I assume this is a commonly held opinion.
Brad, Thank you so much! I am sure you know the pet stores, even our two local reptile specialty stores, are a poor place for accurate information. And from the books I have been reading it completely depends on if the author is a breeder of a specific species (read here: biased toward thier species for sales). It was great when I asked the gal in the petstore about the panthers she said that panther cham was another name for a female veiled! Due to space I would still like to try to find a comparitive temperament smaller species but I think that is going to mean more fragile???
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