Veiled shedding


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We've had our veiled chameleon since November 21st. Got him from the AZ reptile expo from Fl Chams and we think he is awesome. My daughter calls him big boy but she named him Colors on the first day. question is this. Today he shed for the second time since we bought him. Is it a once a month thing to shed? I guess I never knew. He does a really good job taking it off on his own and his "Colors" are better than before. :)
It depends on how old they are - my girl shed every month until she hit the 6 month mark, then she dropped off to shedding every 3 months. As babies they shed it all in a few hours, whereas the adults may shed in stages, maybe starting with the head, torso, legs, and tail, sometimes taing a few weeks so it seems like they are always shedding one part or another!:D I have a nice collection of shed skin - I love to see the different patterns of scales that appear on different parts of their body. I also love when they shed the soles of their feet - it's like they take their dirty socks off, lol!:D
He is almost 6 and a half months...I know what you meant about the feet...I was just checkin it out a little while ago.
Is it normal for them to seem more stressed while shedding? My veiled has just shed his tail, nothing on other parts of the body yet, its funny:)
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