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My veiled is 2-3 months, I posted yesterday about a separate issue and realized I wanted to ask about this as well. The stripes on his sides that are normally yellow for a veiled sometimes turn red? Usually when he's basking or other times at random. I thought it might be just because his skin is still so thin and it's just increased blood flow to the skin while basking to warm it. But other times since it is not 100% while he is basking I wondered if it was a stress response. It doesn't have any correlation with turning a darker color or showing his aggression/stress spotting. I can't seem to find anything on the forum for this nor in any research I've done. Thoughts? Updated Husbandry below, I'll try and get a picture later but for now here i a general pic of him with areas that turn red circled.

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Veiled, Male, 1 week exactly
  • Handling - I have been about every day, which seems like a lot, but only when he acts interested to hang out and crawls onto my hand.
  • Feeding - I try to feed him what he wants to eat in the morning and early afternoon which is usually about 5-7 bugs primarily small dubia with some small-med if he's interested, and crickets. Dubia and crickets have been gutloaded with kale and carrots and next round will be cilantro and arugala - he's still refusing to eat more than that. He seems to lose interest after a few bugs and it takes him forever to hunt unless I'm putting one at a time for him on branches. Was suggested the feeder shooting gallery but suggestions until then I don't want him to become malnourished he's already skinny as it is and he's a growing boy !!!
  • Supplements - Repti-Calcium w/o D3 with every feeding, and next monday I plan to start w/ a Reptivite with D3 every other monday (2x a month)
  • Watering - Drip Method when needed, primarily a hand pump mister 2-3 times a day. I try to use a zoomed mister system but I'm not the biggest fan. The cage is in my room and I sit at my computer all day for class so it's easy to get up and mist when needed. He doesn't really use his tongue to drink more so eats at recently watered pothos.
  • Fecal Description - A little drier but I think it's because I haven't seen it immediately, urea is white. He's pooped 3-4 from what I can see. No parasite testing yet.
  • History - No I'm the only owner, unfortunately he came from PetSmart though. We did have a falling incident while trying to lift his cage higher that I believe startled him but there are no abnormalities in his movement, behavior, use of limbs or tail. Also dealing with some dry skin post shed.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - ZooMed 24x24x48 - it's a hand me down so there quite a few tears and holes that i've mended with zip ties and wire to keep it safe. I can't afford a new cage right now but it's doing alright except for the occasional feeder escape.
  • Lighting - Reptisun 24 in. 5.0HO with a 5.0 bulb.
  • Temperature - 100W basking bulb that is currently b/w 6-8 it's on an incline and I believe I measured it in that area, i'm trying to reduce my time moving stuff in his cage because it's been stressing him out a lot i think. Temperature is in the low 80's in the basking area, can't get it higher than that without getting it too close? Thermometer gun is consistent with the temp when I point it at the surface of the rod he basks on.
  • Humidity - I live in GA so it's usually an ambient 40-50, I mist 2-3 times a day to get it up to 80. Humidifier will be installed tonight to decrease mistings during the day. I'm reading a lot about that more natural cycle and that I shouldn't be misting so much during the day. I plan to follow the chameleon academy naturalistic cycle as best I can.
  • Plants - Yes, 1 hanging marble pathos and a croton on the ground. I plan to add a hibiscus and bromeliad I'm a big fan of natural plants and he's a snacker. ( any suggestions to increase this as I want to slowly phase out most plastics bc I've caught him shooting at them several times )
  • Placement - Currently ground level, I'm in the process of trying to elevate onto a higher stand and add a shower drain to the substrate tray so that I can create a make-shift drain. I don't think he's happy that he's that low and he is in my room currently.
  • Location - GA.
Current Problem - Main issue this thread: Yellow marking's turning red sometimes. Side issues: Difficulty getting him to feed in greater than 3-4 insects in 15 minutes. Plant suggestions. Issues with a spot o his skin as well found in THIS THREAD


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