Veiled Male vs. Female


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I was wondering if it is normal that my female is growing so much faster than my male. It seems fit that she would cuz she eats a heck of a lot more than he does but she is almost twice the size now of her soon to be "lover" is that going to be a problem? I am also worried about over feeding her cuz she will pretty much eat as much as I put in there. I know I have read a bit about the side effects of over eating but I still don't feel confident about knowing how much is too much. All her food comes out digested all the time but I am not sure if that is a good reason to continue to feed her as always. Right now she eats around 10-15 1/4 -1/2 inch crickets a day and still hangs out by her food dish asking for more. My male is the total opposite he maybe eats 5 a day but seems to shed at the same intervals as my girl. Anyone else seen this?
5? do you have an adult cham? mine is only a few months old and I was told to feed them both pretty hardy at first while they grow. Was this misleading info I got?
Some people do recommend that you feed them as much as they can eat when they're growing.

But Kinyonga has managed to control egg-production in her Veiled females by limiting how much they eat. And controlling egg-production is quite important to maintaining the long-term health of females, and it probably also benefits the clutches of eggs that are laid by promoting smaller, healthier clutches.
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