veiled laid eggs but still has big belly and lumps

Fate X

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my veiled laid 33 good eggs today these eggs are all about the same size (big)
but she still has those lumps and a big stomach . i think she has more eggs in her. is it possible that she got more eggs in her to lay another time ?
They should lay all the eggs from that clutch at once. The "eggs" that will form the next batch would not be noticible. A vet could take an xray and tell you if she has retained eggs.
now shes been very darkgreen/blackish and looking very ill sunken eyes her skin gets dark and dry looking then when i spray her she greens up to a lighter shade of green for about 15-30mn then gets dark again.
I would get her to a vets ASAP. Its possible that she has retained eggs. They can go down hill quickly.

If you want to go over your husbandry it might help since you are having problems with two of your chameleons.
it don't make sense she retained her clutch i been watching her for at least 2 months and i had a container in her cage for that whole time ,she just started to dig last week,last thursday , then thursday night i put her in the egg chamber and she dug but laid nothing,same thing the next day ,theni put her back in her cage until friday afternoon then i left her in the eggchamber all night friday then saturday i dug up 33 eggs the strange thing was that these 33 eggs had a almost root-like stuff on them i never seen that on the other ones.
i am calling the vet tommorow for a appointment .
i should take both of them at the same time and find out whats going on.

maybe those 33 eggs i dug up were from the summer.
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