Veiled Help....shes digging after 20 days


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Ok so long story short...I mated my 2 yo female veiled roughly 20 days ago, and yesterday she started acting strange...hanging around at the bottom of the viv, digging on the floor ect.

She has a bucket of sand and a bucket of soil in she was digging in the coco fibre on the floor (she's in a 6 foot custom cabinet viv) it was suggested to me, that I mix in some of this with the sand...which I did.

She's been pottering about since yesterday...up and down the viv...basking alot more than usual for her. I also covered the doors with cardboard to give her privacy.

This afternoon, I had a teeny peek in and she has been digging in the soil....shes all but emptyd the bucket at one end....not touched the sand

My ??? are....should I just leave her to it, or should I put the soil back in the bucket....Im worried that I didnt have it compact enough for her...this is the same bucket that she's layed in with her previous owner.

also can she really lay after only 20 days....up untill yesterday, I was doubting if she was even gravid or not, but today you can see the eggs bulging out her sides

any advice welcome, thanks Gemma.


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Depending on when they were mated within their cycle they can lay eggs before the usual 30 day mark.

Regarding putting the soil back in...did you make the soil damp enough to hold a tunnel in the first place? How big is the container that the soil is in?

Don't bother her or let her see you watching her while she is might push her towards eggbinding. If/when she is up in her branches you can make adjustments without it being a problem usually.

I also have to say that I'm not a fan of substrates being used in chameleon cages since some of them can lead to an impaction.


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Heres a pic of the viv when I 1st got it, its 6ft...8ft in total, ive made a few changes now, there's more fake foilage and 3 more live fiscus plants down the bottom around the laying buckets to give a little more privacy. The substrate is because its a custom cabinet, to catch the water at the bottom, ive never accualy seen her down the bottom since I got her, she's very shy and hides all the time.

I didnt accualy see her digging today, as I have the windows covered atm. I thought I had the soil damp enough...I may go right now and dampen it more, and compact it down again, while she is up the top

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