veiled hangs out on screen door


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I have a 4 month old veiled that now hangs on the screen door all day. Yesterday I brought her outside for the second time, for about 4-5 hours. She loved it out there. Then when I brought her back in, all she did for the rest of the day was hang on the door of her enclosure. Now when I woke up this morning, she is in the same spot. She used to hang out on her basking perch most of the time. Do veileds get into stubborn moods, where they want to do one thing? Maybe she's telling me she wants to go outside? How can I break this habbit? There are plenty of perches for her next to the door. But she still prefers to hang off the screen.
The right side of the cage is very dense with live and silk plants. It is covered to the point where it is hard to find her in it. Then on the left side, there is less plants and more perches. I don't get it. She never acted like this until I brought her outside for the first time. I just brought her outside a few minutes ago and now she is back in her cage and back on the door. I think she is officially spoiled and wants to be outside all the time.
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