Veiled eggs


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Does anyone have pictures of their eggs the day they are laid and right before they hatch, specially with the "windows"?

I want to compare mine.

Thank you in advance

Thank you, Jann!

I appreciate it.. Since this is my first clutch, I want to see what the eggs look like before hatching.
Is this the "Window" that you see before they hatch?
I was just checking the eggs, and this one looked like this, and was a little moist, as seen in the picture. IMG00804-20110425-2101.jpg
Mine are at a night temp of 74 and a day temp of 78. It varies because I am not using an incubator and I keep them in my room.

So you think that could be a sign of hatching soon?
I keep them in one of my drawers in one of those big plastic boxes with water underneath, and the eggs themselves are in tupperwear boxes.

And yes! I should have them hatching soon! :D
Right now, I'm like this :DX10.. Idk if you can see it in the picture of the egg, but you can see kind of bluish green through the "window". It's awesome!!!
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