Veiled eggs with yellow spots?


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I have a batch that started out as 33 eggs 3 shriveled and molded right off the bat they didnt look right to begin with tho. their shell was soft and leathery.

They were laid on 11-15-2010 and most of em are gettin soft with yellow spots the others are just straight shrivelin up like the first three did. i have been keeping them in 2" moist Vermiculite in a clear shoebox size tupperware with a few holes in the top.. then i took that and stuck it in my cupboard i brang it out like 4 times to check on em.

Any info would be appreciated




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I'm not sure what that would mean, i will find out soon enough, my female veiled is starting to dig, so she can lay. could you post pictures? maybe they are infertile do you see any veins?


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Im going to get a new camera tomorrow so i can post pics then. in some of em i see veins. i only "candled " a few as i have read that you are not supposed to handle em witch makes since lol cause they dont get disturbed normally :p


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In my experience, if it is just a yellow spot on eggs, it was too wet. You may want to do the "squeeze" test on your vermiculite. If it lets more than a drop or two of water out, you should let it dry up a little bit.



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Too moist? Undercalcified?

I had some gecko eggs do that with a female that wouldn't stop laying eggs. Her calcium sacs were practically nonexistent. The eggs developed yellow spots.. but not later on.

Make sure it's not too wet.


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That one looks infertile mate. If you squeeze the hell out of the vermiculite till it forms a ball in your hand (no more drips coming out) thats generally about right.
This is not related to the yellow egg.
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